Subnet Calculator

This application provides simple functionality in calculating subnets from a given IP address. It is able to handle standard class A, B, C nets as well as CIDR (Classless Interdomain Routing).

Furthermore, supplied functionality is able to export the calculated subnets to Excel, Html and (of course) Xml.

This application is for free use. Have fun, (c) 2003 Mansky Christian

Usage of the Subnet Calculator


Just enter a valid IP address in the Address field.

Select the network class. As the calculator is able to handle CIDR, entering alternatively the CIDR mask (or the mask bits) is working.

Select either the proper subnet mask, the mask / host bits, the number of subnets or the hosts per subnet. All other ComboBoxes in that area will update by itself.

Finally, press the "Generate Subnets" Button.

General information about subnetting and IPv4 can be found in RFC 950 (Internet Standard Subnetting Procedure) and RFC 791 (Inernet Protocol).


The programme exports calculated subnets to Excel, Html, and (of course) Xml. Changing the way the Html-file looks is possible via modifying the SubnetToHtml.xslt file in the SubnetCalculator root directory.