.NET Assembly Viewer

The .NET Assembly Viewer is an GUI application developed with Windows Forms and allows you to view the namespaces and types contained in an assembly as well as the assembly information and the file version information of the assembly's DLL. Since the application supports the multiple document interface (MDI) you can view more than one assembly at the same time which is important if you are developing complex applications depending on many assemblies.

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  • Hierachical presentation of all classes and namespaces
  • All types of an assembly even private ones will be shown
  • All members of a type will be displayed in an extra list
  • The full declaration of the currently selected member will be shown in the text field below in the C# language
  • It's easy to add more languages since the application has abstracted the used language by the ILanguageFormatter interface.
  • The C# language formatter recognizes overloaded operators and indexers and displays them as defined by C#.
  • The desired assemblies can be specified on the command line when you start the application. If none are specified the application prompts for an assembly when you launch it.
  • Assemblies can be dragged from the Explorer into the application which opens them
  • The Windows XP look & feel is supported.

.NET Framework SDK or Runtime 1.0

Developer and Copyright

Copyright © 2003 Ralf Reiterer, 9756821

Application showing types and namespaces of mscorlib.dll

Application showing information of mscorlib.dll