News2x, a simple tool to fetch news

Author: Johannes Zarl


News2x uses the nntp-protocol to get news from a specified server, saving it to disk in html-format.

Any URLs within the article's body are replaced by hyperlinks.
The articles themselves are stored in a directory called like the newsgroup they are from, named according to their date followed by their subject. The Table of Contents of all fetched articles is stored in a file called toc.html.

Starting the program

To run the program open a command line and change to the bin directory. You can fetch the news using the following command:
News2x news://server[:port]/group [days]
Where days specifies, how many days from now shall be queried (defaults to 7)


News2x.exe news://
News2x.exe nntp:// 31
If successful, News2x has now placed the fetched news into a newly created directory (e.g. unilinz.announce,, naming the html-files after their date- and subject-lines and a file called toc.html containing an index for the news-articles.