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User Manual

Screenshot from a running Game

  1. Textfield to insert a name
  2. Button to start a new game
  3. Buttons used as memory cards
  4. Field which shows the current highscore
  5. Current score
  6. Current gametime
  7. Exit game


The goal of the game is to find all 8 pairs of memory cards in a minimum of time. The current Highscore to beat is shown in(4). To start a new game you have first to enter a name in(1) Then press the button (2) and the game starts. You see the game time running in (6). To choose a memory card click on a button like(3). If you find a pair your score in(5) increase by 100 points otherwise it will be decremented by 10 points. You can start a new game at any time. To exit the game click on(7).