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Length o.k.: letters
base o.k.: letters
route66 o.k.: letters and digits
_top o.k.: underscore allowed
input-file illegal: hyphen not allowed in names
3pieces invalid: names must not start with a digit


0027 o.k.: decimal integer 27
0x3a o.k.: hexdecimal integer (decimal value = 58)
520L o.k.: decimal integer 520 of type long
0xF3U o.k.: hexadecimal integer (decimal value = 243) of type uint
3E05 o.k.: floating-point number 300000.0 of type double
.001 o.k.: floating-point number of type double


"one\ntwo\nthree" o.k.: end-of-line characters are denoted by \n
"Caf\u00e9" o.k.: 'e' is denoted by \u00e9
’Hello "John"’ illegal: strings must be enclosed in quotes (not in apostrophes)
"Hello \"John\"" o.k.: quotes in a string are denoted by \"
@"Hello ""John""" o.k.: since the string starts with @, quotes in the string must be doubled
"quote /* " */ " illegal: string must not contain a quote (not even as a comment)