New Prof-It Versions
All new versions will be published and are available for download at Prof-It at Sourceforge Download Page
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Prof-It 1.02 for C#
This ZIP-File includes a Windows Installer for a comfortable installing process; a user manual is also included. Prof-It is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
Prof-It requires the .NET Framework 1.1, which can be downloaded here for free.
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SourceCode of Prof-It 1.02 for C#
This ZIP-File includes the complete source code of Prof-It 1.02 for C#, which is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
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User Manual for Prof-It 1.0
You can download the user manual for Prof-It 1.02 seperately to see a detailled description of all features of Prof-It without installing the program.
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Oct 09 2010
Version 2.00
See Sourceforge page.
Oct 25 2004
Version 1.02
New features:
  • VS.NET-Import: References to other assemblies can be modified manually
  • Line and column number are displayed for each editor window
  • Unicode: Prof-It can only scan C#-files whose identifiers don't include Unicode. Only a..z, A..Z and '_' are allowed for identifiers. Unfortunately, C# allows all Unicode signs as identifiers. This would bloat the scanner of Prof-It dramatically. Therefore, Prof-It now only allows the German signs 'Ä', 'ä', 'Ö', 'ö', 'Ü', 'ü' and 'ß' in addition to a..z, A..Z and '_'.
  • Problems with certain VS.NET-Solution files.
  • Prof-It will also be available for C# 2.0, a new version is already in development. Prof-It will then use the WindowsForms 2.0 API, therefore some minor problems of the current version of Prof-It won't be fixed any more (e.g. update of the SolutionExplorer, StatusLine etc.)
Sep 12 2004
Version 1.01
New features:
  • Rename projects
  • Warning, if source files have been modified during execution
  • ProfIt.Runtime in Global Assembly Cache
  • Solutions can be opened and executed correctly by double-clicking on the solution file in the Windows Explorer
  • Fixed problems with sorting columns
Sep 09 2004
Version 1.00
First Release of Prof-It

Oct 09 2010
New release, Sourceforge page and new team
Nov 04 2004
New homepage for Prof-It
Oct 25 2004
Prof-It 1.02 released.