• The user interface is based on the appearance of Microsoft's Visual Studio .NET
  • The workbench includes sorted lists of counters at a level of:
    • basic blocks,
    • methods/properties/constructors... and
    • classes/structs
  • Clicking on an entry of one of these lists highlights the corresponding block in the source code
  • If the user clicks on a statement in the source code, the corresponding block is highlighted and the execution frequency is shown in a little popup window right at the cursor position
  • Counters are stored to a file and can be reloaded afterwards if the sources haven't changed to continue profiling at another time.
  • Reset counters either for a single files or for the whole project
  • Color blocks with a specific execution frequency, for example:
    • Blocks that have never been executed: red font
    • Blocks with a counter from 40-80: blue font, bold, yellow background
    • Blocks with a counter greater than 1000: green font, italic
    You can activate and deactivate this feature with only one mouse click and define as many color ranges as you want.
Statistical information
  • For each basic block:
    • Execution frequency (counter)
    • Number of statements included
    • The number of executed statements (executions)
  • Additionally, for each method, constructor, property,... as well as for each class and struct:
    • Code coverage, which means (executed statements / statements)
Project handling
  • Add/remove one or more files to a project
  • Include external libraries
  • Define start arguments
  • Run console applications as well as windows applications
  • Select those files that should be profiled
  • Create solutions and projects as well as in Visual Studio.NET
  • Import your solutions created in Visual Studio.NET with only one click!

Oct 09 2010
New release, Sourceforge page and new team
Nov 04 2004
New homepage for Prof-It
Oct 25 2004
Prof-It 1.02 released.

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