Oct 09 2010
New release, Sourceforge page and new team
Prof-It Version 2 was released and now supports C# 3.0 and Imports from Visual Studio 2008 and also the User Interface was recreated with WPF. Furthermore, this homepage will no longer be updated, please see the new homepage which also links to the main development page, as well as downloads, bug and feature request trackers and a mailing list.
Nov 04 2004
New homepage for Prof-It
The entire page is made of ASP.NET and will soon provide a bug and a feature tracker.
Oct 25 2004
Prof-It 1.02 released.
Download here. Minor Bugfixes (VS.NET Import, Unicode)
Sep 12 2004
Prof-It 1.01 released. History section available.
Download here. Also see the History section.
Aug 31 2004
Poster for the ASE 2004.
Prof-It is one of the informal tool demonstrations at the IEEE Automated Software Engineering Conference (ASE 2004) in Linz. Click on the poster or here to enlarge it.
Jul 01 2004
New logo for Prof-It
  • New logo for Prof-It
  • New screenshots.
  • New functionality: Color blocks with a specific execution frequency (for example all blocks that have never been executed). See screenshot 3 as an example.
  • Header information for each opened file
  • Download a first version of Prof-It soon!
Jun 08 2004
Renamed C#P to Prof-It
  • Renamed C#P to Prof-It (short name for "profile it").
  • Added a first version of the features list of Prof-It

New Prof-It Versions
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