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Student projects

This is a list of projects that were developed during the winter semester 2002/03 by JKU students attending the courses Softwareentwicklung in C# and Die .NET-Technologie.

Roland Braune Fractal viewer for Julia sets
Deepak Dhungana Quiz with MSAgents
Clemens Holzmann Assembly inspector
Thomas Keplinger File compare tool
Thomas Köckerbauer TetiNet Client
Michael Kumar IBM Keymanagement
Christian Mansky Subnet Calculator
Ralf Reiterer .NET Assebly Viewer
Arnold Schneeberger Play checkers over network
Christian Schwarzbauer Huffman Encoder and Decoder
August Steinbacher C# syntax highlighter, hightlight your C# code on the web
Klemens Stelzmueller FreeLancer, drivers log for MS smart device extensions
Thomas Würthinger Code Servant, a C# source code editor with syntax-highlighting and a type member view.
Johannes Zarl News reader
Christian Zeilinger Assembly inspector